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B2C Product Marketing Consulting

B2C Product Marketing: Experience working at global brands

At B2C Product Marketing Agency, we are your product marketing consulting partners bringing the extensive consumer product marketing experience we gained while working at some of the top global brands and offering it to startups and consumer brands! As your product marketing consultant,  we can be your product marketing strategy leader or a product marketing manager executing your go-to-market. You can trust us to partner with you to develop a unified consumer-centric Go-to-Market strategy that connects the execution of teams to achieve product-market fit and long-term sustainable growth. 

Experienced Product Marketer at Brother Corporation
Experienced Product Marketing Leader at N26 Mobile Bank
Experienced Product Marketing Leader at Twitter
Product Marketing Experience at Current Mobile Bank
Product Marketing Experience at Moneylion Financial
Product Marketing at OpenTable
Product Marketer at P&O

Marie Le - Founder and CMO

Marie Le B2C Product Marketing Founder and CMO

Marie's product marketing superpower: bring teams together to cross-pollinate ideas that define products and successfully go to market and launch products/services across diverse industries. 

Marie is an award-winning strategic consumer product marketing executive

Marie has developed groundbreaking product marketing strategies that have penetrated markets, delivered sales growth, and increased market share for companies of all sizes across diverse industries. Using data insights / market research and multi-channel marketing expertise, Marie builds end-to-end product marketing programs that access new segments in promoting cutting-edge consumer products to global audiences.

Marie is a visionary and has extensive experience defining innovative future-generation consumer products and commercialized product marketing strategies in achieving almost 400% sales growth. 


As a consumer product marketing leader and brand marketing champion, Marie identifies, articulates and promote unique selling value propositions that increase brand recognition, counter competitors’ messages, and reach a broad consumer and business base through traditional, digital, mobile, and social marketing tools. She has managed the profitable global introduction of 100+ products and programs for small entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe, Latin, and Asia-Pacific regions. 

Yadira Le - Co-Founder and CEO

Yadira's product marketing superpower: Creating power stories that resonate with the hearts and minds of customers  across a range of industries

Yadira has deep experience in content creation and creative production. Yadira is able to transform brand and product stories to resonate with audiences. She is able to creative solve complex problems, planning and scoping, budgeting, prioritization, working with cross-functional teams, and executing strategies at leading FinTech, Accounting and Media Companies.  Yadira thrives in managing stakeholder relationships, administering contracts, and learning new technologies.  Yadira is a creative thinker who has a successful track record in leading the work of internal and external teams to develop and launch new consumer products.

Prior to entering the corporate world, Yadira spent extensive time working in the media and entertainment field both in front of the camera as an actress and behind the camera as a producer and director.

Yadira Le B2C Product Marketing Founder and CEO

Award-Winning B2C Product Marketing Team

Product Marketing Award Winning teams: Fast Company Brands that Matter
Product Marketing Award Winning teams: IF Design Gold Award
Product Marketing Award Winning teams: Telly Award
Product Marketing Award Winning teams: NEOCON Silver Award
Product Marketing Award Winning teams: Top 20 Brands Australia

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At B2C Product Marketing, we are passionate about helping start-ups grow to the next level.  Using our unique Growth Blueprint specifically for B2C start-ups, we help overcome the common challenges that stand in the way of startup success. 

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