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Go-To-Marketing Consulting and Product Marketing Services

B2C Product Marketing Agency offers  go-to-market consulting and other product marketing services to help you define and launch your products or services

Use B2C product marketing services we help you define products to establish product-market fit and provide Go-To-Market consulting to scale and fuel growth. Benefits to you are:

  • Specialized deep experience

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Objective third party perspective

  • Access to networks​

Do you have a product marketing need but don’t know where to begin?

Contact us, and let us build a customized set of consumer product marketing services to meet your needs.

Product Marketing Organization Design

  • Defining the role of Product Marketing / Product Marketing Managers

  • Tools to educate stakeholders

  • Roadshow education sessions

  • Getting Product Marketing a Seat at the table

  • Developing a customized career ladder for your organization

Hiring Product Marketers / Product Marketing Managers

  • Product Marketing Manager / Product Marketers Job Description  

  • Review Resumes 

  • Product Marketers Sourcing

  • Product Marketing Manager / Product Marketers Vetting

  • Salary Negotiations

Product  Discovery For Product Market Fit

  • Market Opportunity Assessment

  • Customer Needs Assessment

  • Competitive Landscaping 

  • MVP Product Definition

Product Roadmap Prioritization

  • Market Research and Insights

  • Consumer Research and Insights

  • Competitive Analysis 

  • Feature and Roadmap Prioritization

Product Name and Positioning

Brand and Product Marketing Narrative

  • Developing a brand and product narrative 

  • Narrative refreshes


Product Marketing -
Creative and Content Development

Go-to-Market Strategy and Launch Plan

  • Strategic Market Positioning

  • Brand and Product Marketing Narrative Framework 

  • Messaging: Positioning, Value Proposition and SMIT development

  • Channel strategy and Go-to-market

  • Product Marketing Launch Coordination and Execution

  • Go-to-market measurement and KPIs

Single product marketing issue consulting (4-hour time blocks)

  • Product name research including initial trademark, domain and usage searches.

  • Minimum of 5 vetted product names with our recommendations and rationales.

  • Positioning, Product Value Proposition Development

  • Product Marketing - Product Education Videos

  • Product Marketing - Education Product Graphics

  • Branded product videos 

  • Dedicated pool of time to cover single-issue questions. 

Free 30 minute initial assessment.

At B2C Product Marketing, we are passionate about helping start-ups grow to the next level.  Using our unique Growth Blueprint specifically for B2C start-ups, we help overcome the common challenges that stand in the way of startup success. 

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