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Product Marketing Alliance Conference: A Product Marketer's Super Power

Updated: May 1, 2023

Product Marketing Alliance  Podcast - Product Marketers superpower
Product Marketing Alliance - Product Marketers superpower

Product Marketing Alliance Industry Survey 2021

A recent Survey by the Product Marketing Alliance revealed that many product marketers believe that collaboration, strong communication, and creativity are the most important skills required to succeed.

Looking at those, we see the most important skill product marketers can have in connecting people and teams to deliver a cohesive experience across the customer journey between product and marketing.

Superpowers that a product marketer needs to success

In this session, Marie Le, VP of marketing at MoneyLion, will dive deep into what it takes to be a product marketer. She introduces the idea of the data-driven diplomat and how a product marketing manager can use these skills to show value and get a seat at the table.

Marie also speaks about how you can use a holistic product marketing strategy to influence and reinforce - hence keeping that seat at the table. DNA of a superhero product marketer and what is your superpower is an essential listen to any product marketing professional who has yet to establish this in their organization.

A bit about Marie Le - CMO of B2C Product Marketing

Marie Le is an authority in consumer product marketing. She is a leader in cultivating sustainable, balanced growth for startups and consumer brands by cross-pollinating product and marketing strategies to achieve product-market fit and implementing full-funnel go-to-market plans to help them grow sustainably. She has a track record of launching over 100 successful products, driving up to 400% revenue growth, and over 10 million user acquisitions for companies of all sizes.

Marie Le is a proven leader in cross-pollinating product and marketing strategies for consumer startups and businesses for success. As the Founder and CMO of a B2C Product Marketing Agency, and with extensive experience as the former Head of Consumer Product Marketing at Twitter, Brother, and OpenTable, as well as VP of Marketing at Moneylion and Head of Marketing at N26US and CMO at Greenwood Bank, Marie Le brings unparalleled expertise in driving product market fit and go-to-market plans and helping B2C startups thrive in competitive markets.


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